Friday, June 27, 2014

Week in Iphone pictures.

Hey there, Happy Friday!
Thought I would catch up on some recent I phone pics...
Hanging out, curling my freshly cut hair, I did myself.. with no eyebrows yet people!

Girls getting girly with some facial masks

How the cats snuggle with Cesar.. my.heart.melts.

Recent Free People purchases. LOVE that shop- Side note: I am slightly obsessed with the intimate collections from here.

Our little succulents garden

This was Alexandria and I waiting to pick up the hubs from the airport... is she not just TOO grown up now?!? Where on earth is my little baby anymore. :)


Went to lunch with my lovely momma to Blue Mesa and had a delicious adobe pie.

How little Lucas helps his dad cook ;)

So, this is what happens when the side roads flood... It took my drive from about 45 minutes home, to an 1 1/2

Fro yo lunch goodness//The ring Cesar brought home with him for me from Mexico, I love it.

First skort I have worn in ages, and my new sandals I cannot stay out of.

These pictures some more, just because my husband looks so handsome and these two sweets are such great buds.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Chat Soon.