Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hello There!! Missed you all. The few that I have here ;)

I hope you all had a tremendous weekend, and if you did not I hope for a smooth week. Well did anyone watch The Walking Dead?? Yes, I am sure I have a few side-eyes going on right now but I am loving this show. It is something that our little family enjoys.

Well I have been working diligently on getting my wedding page and other pages added. I feel so un-tech savvy :) It does not look as I wanted. 
Here are just a few pictures

C cartooned myself ...Pretty Cool.
Got to see my sweet niece last night thanks to my sweet sister for calling me. Apparently she was not being very nice to her momma. Of course she already has Cesar's name down but aunt Brittney well that's a doozy for little sweet girls :) So ill even take aunt B or B or anything at this point. She is the sweetest baby ever!!
Here she is as a tiny baby:
First Christmas

New Born
Being Cheesy

Loving some popcorn! 

They are so sweet.

blowing some sugars, in ninis lap 


Such a great Aunt

I hope you enjoyed all the cuteness!!!
Chat Soon!



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