Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Work Potluck...

What do you get when you mix 60 women together, and ask all to bring a food for the company potluck...

One table of desserts, one table dedicated to bread, endless sides, a gourmet salad, turkey and ham galore... and an entire table of veggie trays with eggs. I had two plates, two!! I was not ashamed, and quite frankly, I cannot stop thinking about how much food I am going to eat on Thursday.

Gobble Gobble, is my motto.

love some pasta

add three more tables... of food.

after eating.
 Last but certainly not least, this will not mark the fourth time, friend and I have shown up in similar clothing, hair, clothing color schemes... people are starting to ask if we are : 1) related 2) doing this on purpose.

To Clarify, WE ARE NOT.

It does not help that :

we are both very tall blonde's,
work in the same office,
 style our hair the same,
 look the same,
 joke the same,


To clarify also, I am on the left :)

Well, I did get our family pictures back and will work on posting those for the next few days... if you are out for the holiday week, Safe Travels.

Chat Soon.


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