Monday, March 4, 2013

Work Weeks... plus a needle incident.

Is this not too cute??
Hello my readers!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. We did...

We stayed in watched movies, C cooked some delicious meals, and cleaned just enough.

This morning as I was getting up I though of a great blog post.

Plus this just happened:
 So I went to grab my insulin out of my purse before my morning oatmeal... Accidentally hit the needle which then flew in the air and landed in my thigh... Ah, the glory of diabetes.

Work Week:

I know I have recently started feeling how fun it would be to follow our dreams and open a food truck up to work together, maybe find a home, do my blogging, baking, crafts and projects.Plus I would love to be able to pick A up from school and take her everyday Now that she is in athletics it is much harder to fine arrangements for her to get home with us working so much. Oh my goodness I am NESTING and not even pregnant. But, in all seriousness as much as I adore my job, I could really go for being a stay at home anything lol. That will not happen any time soon, or ever :)

So that brings me to how we manage to breeze through our work weeks...

I got to looking through my photos on my phone and I realized something pretty funny. Remember how I said that C and I , we are pretty affectionate? Well this will give you all a little peak into how we stay connected while working. I do not work horrendous hours, but C does most days.

Well here is our lunch breaks some days..

Anyways we sure try to keep it fun. Everyone should, shouldn't they?
I hope you have yourself a wonderful rest of your day.


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  1. As soon as I saw those cookies I thought they were so freakin' cute! xx