Monday, June 23, 2014

Trying to conceive with Type 1 Diabetes

Hey guys, Happy Monday!

So I have not really talked too much about my lifestyle with Type 1 Diabetes, I try not to let my Diabetes define who I am, although it really is almost all of who I am today... Recently, I have had to re-evaluate EVERY aspect of my disease to start prepping my body to possibly have a little Magana. I never would have thought, growing up, that I would have to work this hard to allow my body to bare a child, on top of our past infertility challenges. Being a mother is something I have known my entire life I would be great at.. second nature.
I thought I could put together a checklist of sorts, some things that will prepare you (and me),to achieve overall wellness and getting your body and MIND prepped for a baby. I would also like to add how utterly depressing it is to Google: T1D and prepping for a baby, I only felt good when I found fellow bloggers that have had successful pregnancies and funny stories to laugh about and relate too. I figured its as good as time as any to help add some positive Google-friendly posts about TTC and T1D.


  • Establish an OBGYN- Found her, she is wonderful and brutally honest, she made me feel on top with my goal plan and allowed me to feel nervous but VERY hopeful. Be prepared for a higher-risk OB later down the road.
  • Endocrinologist- The pre-diabetes/pre-preggers check up- I am FOREVER convinced that you will never leave feeling on top at the Endo, you always leave feeling like a failure with 50 other things to worry about. Having this visit will help to prioritize where you are on your journey and can help with a proper time frame you are looking at to when to start trying.
  • Eye Check- I already have glasses and get my eyes checked very regularly. No eye problems.
  • Dental visit- I am in need of a root canal, boo. Enough said.  Check.
  • Sugar Testing- at least every 2-3 hours, same here, enough said. Honestly though, this is the only way to start your numbers control. If you do battle with T1D, I am sure you are very aware of the emending doom of avoiding the bs check... it also made my poor finger tips remember what it is like to be callused and sore. 
  •  Keeping your A1C under 6.9- Mine was not too far from that, but enough so that I have completely re-evaluated my diet.
  • Re-learning my spikes and lows- What triggers them and what foods to avoid have sent me right back to my newly diagnosed phase. When I say that, for anyone who cares... its basically the fight to get your body on track without sugar spikes in between and when you are freshly diagnosed, you are so scared of dying or loosing toes (my personal fear) that you stay in fear of disrupting your path. 
I have read that it is imperative that you keep your sugars in the 60-130 range, no higher, no lower. When starting the "pregnancy challenge", I was terrified about the highs, lows... I also forgot just how easy it was to manage my lifestyle , check my sugars, stay hydrated, give enough insulin and live life. I mean, writing this post in itself makes me super proud of me. Not that just having a child alone is not hard work ,nor am I discrediting anyone... but you bet I am proud of how hard I have to fight for something that I want so badly. 

It is very easy to become consumed with fear and defeat... I challenge anyone with any problem, or non-problem body to accept the challenge and go for it. I hope this will eventually help someone to know they are not alone in having to work towards a goal that come to many easily. If you are not battling T1D, thank you for listening to a friend.

Hope you have a great afternoon!
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  1. This picture of you is AMAZING.... should go on the cover of a magazine. Proud of you for taking care of yourself and planning for your future as a mommy. Love you!