Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scary Nightmares.

Good Morning-
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I am guzzling a cup-o-coffee. Half awake and trying to find my motivation :)

Last night I had on of those dreams that never ends. Seriously, I would wake myself up only to finish the dream. Awful.

This dream was disturbing. It consisted of Aliens, invasion,my nieces and nephews, my daughter, husband, and grandparents house.

I remember every detail almost from this dream, woke up to tears, and a raspy throat - because I kept trying to scream at Cesar in my dream and I had lost my dang voice in the nightmare.

So I will give some back story to give you an idea of my biggest fears, Aliens. It is Mars Attacks fault, stupid movie. I do not know what it was with that movie in particular but I used to have re-occurring nightmares about myself being abducted by scary aliens with big heads. They would come where ever I was physically at in my dreams and I would run,and run away from them panicking the entire time.

These dreams were so bad, that when I would go sleep with my mom not even that would comfort me.. the dreams eventually subsided and I resumed my childhood.

Until last night.

Setting: Grandmothers house that I have grown up around.

Characters: Cesar, I, Alexandria and my two nieces and an unknown baby.

We for some reason or another were staying at my grandparents home, we had all the kids and all of a sudden we started seeing these aliens. For a visual, think of the movie Signs... then add what looks like tree bark all over their body. I do not know if this is a camouflage for them :)

It seems like my dream jumped around a bit, but I recall the kids sleeping on beds outside and grabbing Cesar firmly and telling him,"We have to get the kids inside." I remember panicking more because the aliens seemed to disappear at times also. We got all of the kids inside and Cesar was standing off into the living room trying to watch the TV, and I was closing the glass door.

All of the sudden, one of them ran up with super fast ability and grabbed me around my neck from behind, I called out for Cesar and of course that was the first time I noticed... my voice was shot. I remember holding on to the front door and hitting it trying to get Cesar's attention. Somehow, I managed to have a sword, more specifically a samuraI sword and I reached behind stabbing the alien in the head and impaling the sword through. He was still not dead and Cesar had seen my shadow and ran up behind the alien and hit it over the head killing it. I do not remember being too frightened about that. Now, something that was frightening was the stance they were taking observing us up close; Crouching down, hovered over, arms spread as if to wrap you up when they had the chance. Somehow, we managed to get the children to safe spots, which was ironic because Alexandria went to the mall on her scooter. I followed her the entire way, and felt a sense of relief when she was inside. When I arrived back at the house Cesar was in the shower and i now only had an infant with us,a she was asleep. I watched out the window worried about the children and poor dogs, and cats outside.

Oh, and I also saved a weenie dog; black with a brown tipped nose.

There was a knock at the door, it was my grandparents neighbors. Two men and an older woman; The woman was crying holding an axe. They made their way into the garage, where I asked the woman, "How many did you have to kill in order to make it here?", She replied, "Fifty". Then just like that, the extra people seemed to disappear, leaving Cesar still in the shower, and myself to look out the windows again. This time I saw one of those stupid crouching aliens again, in front of two children. I saw the kids run away, but do not know what happened to them. I walked into the kitchen where there is a small window over the sink straight ahead, and to the left a huge window into the backyard. While looking out the half-window, I saw one ducking its head as if to hide from seeing me. Then I saw shadows running around the outside of the house. They were trying to get inside?!?

I ran to the back of the house to yell for Cesar, voice still out. The next thing I remember was walking into the front of the house with Cesar, and a baby in my arms and a knock at the door. Now apparently we had already armed ourselves again, My wielding my small but dangerous steak knife. I know, I know, I had a cool samurai sword before, where was it now?? Cesar grabbed a grill fork for steaks. Maybe I am just craving a steak :)

OK, so the back to the knock at the door. We knew it was an alien trying to get inside. Only they were in disguise now and we let the "Police officer" inside. Picture like the terminator walking in with a black polo sheriffs shirt. Cesar went directly for the forehead with that large fork, only to bend the fork. I actually remember thinking in my dream, well I have a baby in my arms and a knife that will not affect this Alien.

So naturally, the "police officer covers himself with a blanket and started napping on my grandparents comfy chair. The END. No seriously, that was it I woke up extremely unsettled, upset.

Now I am laughing at how scared I was and I am sure Cesar is too.

I hope you all enjoyed my random nightmare.

Chat Soon


Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh, what a wonderful Monday morning!

Hi Folks-

Long time no chatter :)

I know, I am sorry I have been uber busy with work. I guess that will lead to the bad/good news...

I will be even busier at work, but this is such a positive transition that I cannot help but be ok for now with my blog being put on the backburner. For NOW. not for long.

I also do not think I will be hurting too many people with not postinng as much :) I mean I have 10 magnificant followers, but, that will be changing once the google reader goes away.

I have not even had a chance to keep up with my favorite blogs :( I have stayed connected somewhat because I follow most on instagram  (which I might have a slight issue with loving!!)


I have not yet been able to work to my full potential; starting this Thursday morning I will have that chance.

I am slightly shaking in my shoes :) It will be great.

It is so amazing to see how things are perfectly paved and planned for us... From day to day we walk around with tunnel vision, only seeing what is in our near future, bouncing from one idea to another paralyzed by the fear of change.

 At least I do.

 This weekend I did some refelcting on how some recent events have played out, how I did not see positive in the beginning, Now my tunnel vision was gone and I see that everything was leading to a better oppurtunity.

Patience and timing are everything..

I miss writing,  I miss my blog...

I want to make my time each day to make sure I still have my little happy place :)

So redact everything I mentioned earlier...I want to make sure I keep up!!

Chat Soon, Loves..

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making waves and Rocking the boat...

Hi Lovelies!
I am feeling much better, that was a horrible little bug/ virus that I got. I mean my WBC (white blood cell) count was registering at roughly 16,000-17,000. Normal range is maxed out at 10,000. I am only assuming that it was due to the infection I had.

Today I officially said:
I WANT TO ROCK THE BOAT.  It was exhilarating stepping  up and saying YES I am going to initiate change. Do I want change? Well. no. I hate change.
Will this just further me along? Well, yes. I believe it will.
So who's to say that taking a risk every now and again is worth it. I hope you all are happy in life!
I am no life coach, but work hard and it will be rewarded... If you are where you feel you should be.
I rocked my boat...
Then, made waves.  
Chat Soon!! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sickey McSickerson

Well hello there!

Apparently there was an awful bug going around... 
As much as I sanitize and wipe my desk down.

Something that my mom am I realized, as small the virus may be... It hits me like a ton of bricks, I do not know if it is because of my Diabetes or my piss poor immune system. Seriously though, my little sis was over this weekend and caught it and she is just feeling pukey. I on the other hand was retching every 30 min, was totally lethargic, C was having to walk me everywhere, very typical of me. 
I am not being dramatic, either! Pwomise!

I am still in bed, about to take some more promethazine. Just drank some yummy chicken broth and drinking gatorade. 

I would not wish this on an enemy. 
Here are some pics to recap.
We will talk soon.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thriving on Positive ...

Today is dark, muggy, cold, and rainy.

         To be honest, my favorite kind of day... I always feel extra happy on rainy days.

                   Perfect day for some pick me up's.

I love a good quote or two, I would like to share some with you...

                 I believe in treating people with as much kidness as possible.

We all fail at our goals from time to time. I am certain do, and a will.

           It does not take but a few seconds to smile and say hello, or simply knodding your head to acknowledge that person..
                                     You will probably never find out if your small gesture went anywhere.

                  At least you can say you tried.

I hope you all have a bright and Beautiful day.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Catching up... Week of Photos

Last week
Went to lunch with mom, aunt, nana , and papa. 
My handsome papa
My lovely nana
My turkey sandwich.
Wanted to get home and needed gas,  hurried and put 12.00 in...
Highlighted A's hair. 
Random shot at my desk :)
Friday, I went to Zoes with Amanda...
Amanda and I decided to walk to the food truck park to get ice cream
We work right along the Trinity River , It is such a wonderful location and great for walks on beautiful days. 
My sweet Oreo napping on his colorful kitty blanket...
Also, Saturday was my father's birthday, he would have been 46 this year...
My little sis went to get a pic... it is so hard to believe we are coming up on another anniversary.
Miss you dad! Happy Birthday, I know you were spending it playing golf and fishing!
Easter post to come!


I know, I know,

It has been too long.

I was crazy busy the last two weeks of work...I can re-cap

Host a baby shower, more "work work", get things together for bay shower, "work work", More baby shower :)

Here are the baby shower pics...

Starting the Diaper cake...
On of the women I work with said she would like to do the cookies for the shower, I was thinking simple cookies...
These babies were amazing! I still have yet to eat mine, they are too pretty. C ate his though and it had orange zest icing. Delish!!
25 Min. until they arrive...


This was the best punch, quite honestly if you added a little coconut rum this would be a very refreshing  summer drink.
One litre of 7-up
One frozen container of Orange juice
One 64 oz. Cranberry juice
Two containers of frozen Pink Lemonade.
**I only found 2 containers of regular Lemonade, it was delish!
I have some things to catch up on ..
Very Soon!!