Friday, April 10, 2015

Waist Training Update #2...

Happy Friday People!
I wanted to update you all on my progress..
I can already tell a huge difference!! I have pretty much lost all bloat in my stomach and my little pooch is slowly going away. I am becoming slightly obsessed... Cesar and I have re-found the work-out selves we once were :)

So I have been doing my training, and it is going better than expected.
The first week was pretty rough, but I am on day 8 now, it is a smoother ride with a few bumps here and there. I have been wearing my belt daily but I do not put it on first thing in the morning any longer. I am too bloated in the morning and it is SUPER uncomfortable to wear in the car ride to get into work. I wear the belt all day until I get home, I will rest a bit for maybe an hour and put it back on until 9 or so. The belt is much looser and much more maneuverable than the first 5 days and I am anticipating much more success in the weeks to come. Bring it on bathing suit season!!

What I love about it is the effort you put in to wearing and training gives you added motivation to work out along with it and keep up the hard work that is I've already invested.. I mean, my thoughts are like this... If I have put so much effort into keeping this contraption on me, why not make sure and give it 1,000,000 percent.

Anyways, it is going well and VERY worth every bit of the effort I am putting in.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend... I am looking forward to spending all my time with my wonderful hubby and little miss.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 1 Waist Training...

Dum Dum Dum... 

First Day wearing it to work, I hid it well... it will get harder to hide I am sure, but I will.

I am having some discomfort, for sure. I have no idea how I will end up being able to move to the second row of snaps. Although, I am determined as hell to make sure I follow through in a healthy way. I only wish I could have shown a video of Cesar and I strapping my belly into this contraption :) There was a lot of sweating involved. Then after the sweating and success of just getting this on me...Alexandria realized we had put it on upside down. 
I will weekly be doing an update to see the progress. I will also be working out my core daily to ensure no damage. Six pack abs, here I come!!

YOGA is so much better, I have never, had the stability and balance I have now. It will definitely show you how incorrect your posture is, and it forces you to correct it.

 I have had to change a few things: My injection sites have moved on to my legs, DISCOMFORT where the trainer sits on my big ol' hips and right under where my bra sits. I am so proud I have made it this far, and it is only the first day. I was anticipating this being much worse. 

I bought the faja from Hourglass Angel and purchased the Ann Chery .

I will keep you updated! Maybe once Im not so yuck, I will show my actual stomach shots from before and after.