Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Events

Starting on a soft note:

This morning was an emotional one for sure. This weekend we lost a radio personality, not just an ordinary radio show but one that my mom and I have listened to since I was easily 5 years old. Kidd Kraddick was an amazing man that kept a smile on my face every morning for my drive into work. I felt such a heavy heart for his daughter, Kelly,Big Al and the rest of the crew. I cannot seem to stop listening to the show today, just knowing it will NEVER be the same. Such a sad loss. Kidd, you will be missed.


This weekend we piddled, relaxed, took our time, photographed, loved and slept.

Can you spot Mr. Lizard?


Waterfalls and Lillie pads.

Breathtaking shot. Courtesy of Cesar.

Cesar's  shot. 

I hope you all enjoy your day, and lets kick this weeks butt!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wish List

Good Morning!

You know those times when you just want to throw the towel in?

Well, I am not there yet, but work could just be a little easier and I would be OK.

I wish, I wish, that these four things would magically appear in my hands.

This is my very far from happening wish list:

One        Two        Three         Four

Michael Kors watch- you see, I have never owned a good or even bad watch. I never felt it necessary to actually wear one. until now. 

Marc Jacobs bag- My last high end bag my husband purchased for me was my Gucci, she has since passed on and tis now the time for a black bag. I love the size, handles, and hobo look.

Coach pumps- I am always on the watch for some cute pumps for work. I have not updated my selection in close to two or more years, these would decorate my feet well.

Kevyn Aucoin powder foundation- I was recently introduced to this makeup brand by a wonderful friend, she is a plethora of knowledge on anything. She had suggested that I try his precision brow pencil, it was the best find I have found to date.

These are my lusts as of right now,
What are yours?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I would like to talk about Class.  I take staying classy and lady-like very seriously.

Once said: 

I do have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy, a mouth of a sailor sometimes, typically only with very few people including my husband. I am no saint, but I do think it can say a lot about your character to hold yourselves to higher standards.

I had a few rules growing up, they included: 

1.No facial makeup; ie. no mascara,powder, blush, foundation, eye shadow, NADA.

2. No Glamour shots, even though this was something very important to a child. Wanting all of the feathers, big hair,and mountains of makeup. Not to mention the mildly suggestive poses for all ages, with a possible cowboy hat.

glamour shots 3

3. I was not to wear more than three pieces of jewelry. Now, this was supposed to mean each earring was one piece, not the pair as one. 


I broke that rule :)

I am sure there are more, but that is not the point...

Even though I though my mom was out to get me because all of my friends were able to wear makeup, I see now what she meant. A little goes a long way.

I find now, that I hardly wear the amount of makeup that I feel is normal... I am o.k. with that.

Which leads to my point that I find that about as subtle as clown makeup, keep it simple ladies!!


No bra straps!

Cute:                                                                            Not Cute:

I hope I have helped you learn a bit ;)No really, I am sure that all of you are super classy...

I just like to throw some fun in.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

Good Morning Lovelies-

It is FRIDAY, and man am I happy!

Here is my Friday five recap from my week:

I purchased these to above knuckle rings. 
Look, I get that my husband will never understand why my ring is so small, or will my little brother... but, I love them.
I purchased a chevron silver knuckle ring on GroopDealz and love how fun it is. I feel like I am channeling my inner Phoebe.

Knuckle Ring Chevron in Gold or Silver, Stacking Midi Dainty Ring Handmade
Find here!

ONE Gold Midi Finger ring knuckle Ring, Midi Ring, Mid finger Ring
Find here


We fully intend to get snocones tonight and watch Evil Dead, we love a scary movie and if I am eating the snocones I will not have to worry about focusing too much on the movie. Super pumped!


Last month our little one turned 13, she has now started applying makeup and purchasing it herself. I am all for natural beauty, and I was not allowed to wear a lot of makeup. I have come to understand why my mother gave those rules. I explained to A that she should NOT feel  obligated to wear makeup I am luck to be a mother to this amazing teenager, and have the wonderful privilege of being a mother to her.


I have the most wonderful, beautiful mother :) She is my best friend and an amazing inspiration to me.
I have been working on a few picture projects, came across this beautiful picture of my momma.


It has rained essentially all week...

Rain is my favorite weather, clouds, and the dim sky; I wish it would rain through the weekend, too. I guess we will see if we will be laying out, or hanging on the couch vegging :).

That has  been my entire week.

You can add a horrible, crazy work week and you would have it all down .

Chat soon

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Orange is the new Black...



I would like to please talk about this fabulous show!!

If you have Netflix and time , or hell, you have no time. Watch this series!   I will give nothing away... 

This is a mix of comedy and drama or "Dramedy", I love the feel. It has some very serious points, but hilarious in between. The characters are perfect and a look on the inside of how prison works, is incredibly intriguing. I want to talk about my favorite characters.

Taylor Schilling- Piper Chapman

I love her, have since Mercy Hospital ended. I think she does a fabulous job of playing a classy girl sent to the federal slammer. She has an innocence to her look, and I love watching the awkward situations she has placed upon her...well or  what she gets herself into.

Laura Preop- Alex Vause
Love the pin-up hairstyle and, more or less hipster glasses. Love the dark hair on her, she looks beautiful. I was surprised in a good way, seeing her character evolve, trying to see if you love, hate or just simply love to hate her :) Either way, she looks beautiful.

Natasha Lyonne- Nicky Nichols

Natasha Lyonne Picture

She has always seemed to play the intricate parts, I love her hair always. She plays a normal roll, good friend, lesbian lover, same ol same ol.

There are soo many great characters and women in the show, they capture the characters perfectly.

BUT, lets talk about this little lady..


She is apparently a former Ms. (somewhere in NY)

The entire cast is worth writing about, the characters they portray are unbelievable. 

If you have not started watching, and have Netflix, I would suggest you watch.

Talk soon.

Friday, July 12, 2013

90's Music/ Music Application

I have been jamming to a new application I downloaded called Songza, I was tired of Pandora and my I tunes music for a while. This app is wonderful, and so much fun!

You can choose your mood and go from there...

Any hoo... I have become obsessed with 90's music all over again. I miss the great music of that time...


Destinys Child

Amber-This is your night



Music Factory- Gonna make you sweat

Hootie and the Blowfish

Jock Jams tunes

Sheryl Crow 

I have always been a music junkie! Any, and all music is my favorite, no seriously. I do not really care for country but I do like it occasionally,I will listen if my mood requests it lol. I sit at my desk all day with my headphones in, bobbin my head and jamming to my own beats. If I did not have music, it would really make my day extremely slow. I am sure I look like a crazy lady with a twitch if your just passing.

My husband and family knows how much I LOVE music, it has always been in my blood.

When I was little I would make up a dance to just about every song that I liked.

Anyhow, I have a meeting starting in 7 minutes that has a lot of hard work on my end hopefully about to pay off !!!!!

Set some people in their place :)

Talk to you soon!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I am officially BACK!!

Oh. My. Gah.


    Hello... Is this thing on?

I have missed my blog!

So much has happened, but not really.

Work has stunk for the latter part of three months, for all of us. It has been so busy and until today have I actually felt like I was going to be able to accomplish a post.

I have kept up with my Instagram so if you follow me there you have not miss anything. If you are not following me, check it out. I will say that I have truly enjoyed connecting through IG with other blogger friends and checking out the great pics and posts.

So, since I have been unable to write daily I feel I have lost my touch with post ideas. No, seriously. I have no idea what to talk about today.

I did get an email from an IG follower requesting I post more into my Diabetes and tips I recommend. That is going to be one of my first NEW posts to come. It literally made my day seeing that someone had asked ME to give information about my diabetes. I forget that I have a disease that some people know about, know someone with the disease, or on the verge of becoming diabetic. I am going to make it a goal to post more on living a healthier lifestyle, diabetes and will have my husband help me with some healthy recipes too.

I have gotten back in to my watercolors, working out, jewelry... I am officially obsessed with Groopdealz and SassySteals.

Here is a pic of my first watercolor painting in years... 

I forgot how much I love painting, Watercolors are my favorite because you can correct essentially whatever you need. I will get back in and hopefully, gain speed and get better.

We did take a day trip to Austin, Tx. just to get away for the day...


Our silly little girl, she is growing everyday and is now officially a teenager, I cannot believe it!

Cesar has become quite the photographer, go figure. He seems to have quite the talent for anything.
 I love him.

Here he is working on some shots on a back road we found.
The fourth of July weekend, my parents hosted a big bash for the hubby in celebration of his recent citizenship.
Happy Fourth, and Congrats again my love!

I hope you all have a great day!

Talk soon!