Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring. Spring. Wherefore art thou Spring?

Soo.. Good Morning Loves!

Got to go to lunch with this little sugar yesterday.

Not happy, just got her shots.
Happy eating mommas chip.

It seems like spring is trying to become sprung. :) It is sunny and Beautiful again outside.
Sad story though...
I am still in my frumpy sweaters... such as this one..

Owen our middle kitty was a stray when we found him, we have had him for a little over a year. All he ever wants to do is cuddle, PuURrr, and nuzzle his face into yours. This was him last night, I took so many photos decided only on this one :). I cannot get over how much I love our cats. One day I shall dedicate an entire blog post to them.

Yes, that is a VERY random flash light sticking out from my couch cushions. 
Until then, I would like to show a few items I have been eyeballing for a while. When it comes to shopping, I do not have tons to blow on clothing and haven't always even had any extra, but I must learn that every once in a while buying something for yourself is good.
It is hard at my company I am always feeling very inadequate about my clothing. I have tried very hard to put myself together more.
The ladies in my office are so fashionable and cute and wear heels essentially every. day.
I want to be like that, but cannot necessarily afford the wardrobes they have, so instead I  pin my little heart out with inspiration to use on my closet. Take a look at some things recently I would love to try and put together.  

.Modern elegance
I am loving chevron stripes, bolds ,statement necklaces.
pink and navyPinned Image
Midi Dress / ASOS

I love this dress, very classic

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!!

hasta maƱana!!



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonder-filled Wed.

Good Morning there!
            Yes, you.

It is a beautiful day here. Sunny. a little too cold.
I hope it is as cheerful and sunny for you all as well. It should be a very good day today. I will be meeting my sister and sweet niece for lunch, little Grace has a Doctors appointment.

I have spent many of my days wondering many things. The one bit that has been running through my mind recently is:
When will it be our turn to have a baby?
Why has it not happened for us yet? All these women seem to be having babies EVERYWHERE?!?
What our relationship will be when we have a baby together.

You see the dynamic of our relationship is already that we are raising a child together. A is always here, I am her "mother" in a sense. She calls me mom, I worry about her like a mom, I nag her about cleaning like a mom would. I am her mother, and for that I am truly grateful. I will always be there for her no matter what endeavors come her way. C and  I are her # 1 fans!!

I do not know what the Lord has in store for C and I. I would love more than nothing to give A a little brother or sister. She has certainly shared the same feelings of want.

I look at C with all our nieces and nephews and I just know that when that time comes. He will be as fun and amazing as he is with A now. Something about watching the man your in love with take care of his parental duties and cuddle a kid or play is just magnificent isn't it?

But, I often wonder when? Or, maybe he wants us to focus 100% of our eyes to Alexandria. If with my diabetes will effect the babies health, my health. I know that C and I are meant to be, and A needs the two of us.

This is not a rant, nor a plead with God but it is defiantly something I question a lot. The wonder.

 I will look to God and pray, look to my husband and pray with him.

I know this will come in time for Gods plan for us. I will not rush anything and will keep patience.

Until then I am bless with my family, husband, and beautiful little girl I have had the pleasure of being there for here. Always and Forever!

I hope that everyone sees that we have a paved way. Keep dreaming your dreams!!

We will chat soon..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Troublesome Tuesday

So, I have felt like a slob the past 4 days, I know why too... I have not been taking care of myself. I know it has to be because of the cold weather that has come back for a short time. I was becoming over excited about SPRING...

I need to kick my butt in high gear. ANNND I need to do laundry.

Does anyone else ever feel like the laundry is never ending?

On the plus side, I am skipping on lunch today to leave work an hour early so I can pick up A from track tryouts. I hate skipping out on work or leaving un expected but I am fortunate enough to have a place that understands... Plus, I do not play hooky! I always feel wayyyy too guilty.

As a matter of fact I do not think I have skipped out on work intentionally since I have been at my new company. I love my job, I enjoy the people also. I work with my aunt sarah so it is really it is nice to be able to see her everday.

But, I have gotten some new earrings...

blue ombre.
Also, I would like to talk about this woman...
Look at all of the women in the back Staring. Being all spectacular.
That dress was amazing! She is a very funny person. It is nice when you find a pretty girl who can laugh at oneself. :)
I hope everyone has a fabulous day!
Don't take life too seriously and don't be afraid to laugh.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hello There!! Missed you all. The few that I have here ;)

I hope you all had a tremendous weekend, and if you did not I hope for a smooth week. Well did anyone watch The Walking Dead?? Yes, I am sure I have a few side-eyes going on right now but I am loving this show. It is something that our little family enjoys.

Well I have been working diligently on getting my wedding page and other pages added. I feel so un-tech savvy :) It does not look as I wanted. 
Here are just a few pictures

C cartooned myself ...Pretty Cool.
Got to see my sweet niece last night thanks to my sweet sister for calling me. Apparently she was not being very nice to her momma. Of course she already has Cesar's name down but aunt Brittney well that's a doozy for little sweet girls :) So ill even take aunt B or B or anything at this point. She is the sweetest baby ever!!
Here she is as a tiny baby:
First Christmas

New Born
Being Cheesy

Loving some popcorn! 

They are so sweet.

blowing some sugars, in ninis lap 


Such a great Aunt

I hope you enjoyed all the cuteness!!!
Chat Soon!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Funday...It is egg cracking time!!

Happy Sunday!
We had a lot going on today. First it started off with Cesar cooking homemade biscuits. DELISH!! Another Success!
Which then led to us girls to get some Starbucks, and a little of this..

Skinny SF Peppermint Mocha Frap.

We decided it would be fun to enjoy this beautiful afternoon and crack some confetti eggs.
Loved on C :)
So, off we headed down the road to a park/walking trail.
We found a bridge!

Said bridge was named after Alexandria..

Found some Golden Eggs.

Found the perfect spot to make a mess.
Francees egg was firmer than she thought ... A is good at pointing it out.

Love this of the girls...

Love him.

Anyways, got home. Dropped Francee off. Came home..
Then this happened.

Lucas may or may not have been forced into that situation.

I hope that each an every person had a tremendous weekend. I am enjoying the Oscars and Walking Dead... Squee. Off to work tomorrow which I am not quite prepared for yet...

Buenos Noches-


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday!!

I cannot believe it is already Friday! I try and dedicate this day as the day for no complaints. It does not always work that way but I shall try...
Necklace from H&M here
Last night Cesar cooked for us, it was Delicious and I love how excited he gets when he successfully makes something A and I love :). Seriously my new fave!

hard at work ; )

The finished Results.
Chicken Flautas, tomatillo sauce,queso y crema.
Oreo acting as statuesque as always. 

Our lush :) Lucas

This weekend I plan on doing a whole- lotta- nuthin. I would really like to work on my blog and relax I am going to try to get my "About" page working to show off some wedding photos also.

Until Soon!

I hope your weekend is Fabulous!