Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back to it..

I am making a comeback! No celebrating yet...

I do not know what will come of this, but I miss blogging more than many things. Life got in the way of my little slice of personal pie. I cannot wait to get back to this, I do not know what I will blog about again... it might be style, beauty, love, family, crap, food. More Crap, maybe some lifestyle mixed into it too..

I have hardly even kept up with following any of my blog girls. SAD FACE.

Since my last post, we have suffered a death of our sweet cat, Kitty Kitty, changed jobs, and many other things. I gave up a lot of happiness and kind of faded into a very unknown place for a while. Im back though people!

I missed you all so very much! I hope a few of you stuck around.

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