Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 1 Waist Training...

Dum Dum Dum... 

First Day wearing it to work, I hid it well... it will get harder to hide I am sure, but I will.

I am having some discomfort, for sure. I have no idea how I will end up being able to move to the second row of snaps. Although, I am determined as hell to make sure I follow through in a healthy way. I only wish I could have shown a video of Cesar and I strapping my belly into this contraption :) There was a lot of sweating involved. Then after the sweating and success of just getting this on me...Alexandria realized we had put it on upside down. 
I will weekly be doing an update to see the progress. I will also be working out my core daily to ensure no damage. Six pack abs, here I come!!

YOGA is so much better, I have never, had the stability and balance I have now. It will definitely show you how incorrect your posture is, and it forces you to correct it.

 I have had to change a few things: My injection sites have moved on to my legs, DISCOMFORT where the trainer sits on my big ol' hips and right under where my bra sits. I am so proud I have made it this far, and it is only the first day. I was anticipating this being much worse. 

I bought the faja from Hourglass Angel and purchased the Ann Chery .

I will keep you updated! Maybe once Im not so yuck, I will show my actual stomach shots from before and after.

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