Thursday, September 19, 2013

Easy, Cheesy Recipe (Literally)

So, I know I will start posting C's recipes come the cold weather... he makes so mad meatballs, steaks, tamales, ranchero beans, biscuits from scratch, all the perfect cold weather foods.

For now, I thought I would give you all my simplest dinner EVER... this meal is my go to when I am exhausted and want some yummy food. 

This meal is not included in my diabetes cookbooks, and might not be the healthiest.. So good!

1 green bell pepper, 
1 red bell pepper.
Half onion chopped
1 Package ground turkey
1 box Velveeta shells

Chop all veggies together
Brown your ground turkey meat
I added blackened seasoning, salt and pepper to my turkey meat.
Once the meat is cooked, and veggies tender,
Combine all ingredients
 add the Velveeta cheese

*I add a bit more shredded cheese..


Seriously, just one night throw this greatness together and within 15-20 minutes.. Dinner is served.


Chat soon


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