Friday, February 21, 2014


Hello All-

As you all know, I am a type 1 diabetic... my girlfriend came across this petition and I ask that you please help this little girl. This is near and dear to my heart...I can only imagine how disappointing this would be, and isolating. It was hard for me, even being 18, to be the "only" one I knew who had specific limitations out of my control. I mean, I become enraged when I see snow cone stands that charge extra for Sugar Free syrup...


Here is the link.
Her CUTE video...

Here is her Story:

I have type 1 diabetes and there are no accessories for my American Girl doll. I'm 11 and I just got diagnosed with diabetes a little over 3 months ago. I feel so different now and my whole life has been turned around. I want to have diabetic accessories for my American Girl doll so she is just like me. I just want everyone to feel good about themselves no matter if they have something "wrong with them". Whether they have a disability, blindness, deaf, diabetes, and so much more! It's important to feel good about yourself! No matter who you are! Be yourself and show YOUR inner star. Express yourself and be yourself. This is what my petition stands for! I know that if they made american girl doll diabetic accessories it would make thousands a diabetic kids like me happy. Please sign my petition and make thousands of millions happy.

Thank you, Chat Soon.

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