Thursday, February 13, 2014

Year One. Happy First Blogiversary!

Holy Toledo! What a year.

I cannot believe I sat down a year ago, bit the bullet and thought, I AM going to start a blog. I had no idea I would actually follow through. I have grown so in love with blogging, it is my creative outlet, my challenge, and a motivator to keep it up! I look at blogs that I have followed for years and think, Wow, I have made it to the one year mark, it is smooth sailing from here... 

Never in a million years did I think that I would have a blog, with followers, period. 
Let alone, ladies whom I have connected with, learned from, and have a blast following and hearing what they have to say. Thank you, ladies... for following, reading, commenting, and caring! I cannot wait to look back years from now, and say, Wow, look at the differences in my life. This is, after all, my little space in the world. I was really trying to think hard on what I would talk about today, but really, I just want anyone reading this to know, that I am thankful to have such a space, to call my own, and that I have stuck with it. Not that I did not have faith, but I do not think I realized what a fun challenge this would be. I want to say thank you for following, and reading. I hope that I will continue to bring content that draws followers in, and keeps you around. My goal when starting this blog, was to work on something challenging for myself, start from scratch and continue until I no longer felt it in my heart. I can only look forward and hope that there will be a family expansions, new homes, many adventures and love along with the stories I tell.

So again, thank you for following along.

Chat Soon

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  1. Happy one year of blogging to you!