Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wow, already + Feelin Funky

Is this not hilarious??
Hey Guys!

I am so thankful it is already Thursday, aren't you? This week has been a tricky one...

I thought, hmm.... I should write up a blog post. I had some really cool things planned this week, but apparently everyone else is too busy to assist me ( I needed someone's help). I will continue to figure this blogger schedule out, so I do not need to rely on any others help. I do not know what is wrong, but I have been in a major funk. It has literally been since like, the beginning of January and I cannot shake it. You know when you have those gut instances that something bad is happening, or going too? That has been the feeling, I do not know what it is, but I have been really fighting to keep sane. LOL I am hesitant to talk  much about my personal feelings, but I know everyone gets into funks, my goal is to get out fast. There has been one fun thing this week, and it was that I bought the 'Beyonce' Album.. ITS FREAKING AWESOME! Seriously, love it! Maybe if I create a list of things to do this weekend it might help...

This weekend, I want to:
Shoot some pictures out at White Rock Lake
Make someone smile
Make myself smile :)
Cook some yummy food
Start watching House of Cards, or something good.
Do something creative
Read my pile of magazines

I have also been thinking that I would like to not be so ghostly, maybe try a spray tan, or try that one by myself lol (If it is a disaster, I swear I will share the humor). I do not want to look like a tiger, orange, or like leather face!

I feel like I need a GIANT check list to work off of, the only problem is that I feel like I have been writing check lists and checking them off since January with no go... Maybe this list will work.

Hold it to me ladies :)

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Chat Soon.

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  1. I love writing lists for my weekends, and I always make sure to mix in a few fun things with chores that need to be caught up on!