Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Black Sheep

So last night I posted the picture above to IG, with the caption, Never too far from the City. I meant every word of the caption. I love the city, so does C. He grew up in Mexico City, so he and I have always shared our love of Texas, but yearning to live in a large Metropolis-larger than Dallas.

This weekend I was watching the SNL with Jim Parsons and he spoke a bit on growing up in Texas, and that Yes, a person like him can originate from Texas. Cesar and I just laughed and looked at each other- that is exactly how we feel. We find ourselves drawn to nature, But more so, architecture, hustle, some parts eclectic/vintage, and a lot of love for city life. I feel like if I could describe myself it would be: yoga loving-hippy loving -city girl with a major love of beauty, vintage class and fashion. Is that even possible lol. If I were to describe Cesar, his would be: Over achieving(positive), free spirited, lover of life, making people laugh, photographer of beauty with some sexy mystery mixed in.

Cesar and I came across a cute little boy this weekend wearing cowboy boots too big for his legs even, we could only assume they were a big brothers that he begged to wear. I made the statement that our child would probably not ever wear or own Cowboy boots, Cesar followed up finishing my thoughts, and we fantasized about how sharp, dapper, or fashionable our child will be. Sometimes when I go places around Fort Worth, more so than Dallas- I find the looks, Cesar will even notice... and that's ok. We feel a little like the black sheep of the venue. My mom and step-dad and entire family honestly are not TOO Texan, more like a country chic.. they are all fantastic and super stylish, but they also fit in more when we go to more country establishments. Cesar and I find ourselves drawn to the more modern or eclectic eateries, and my lunch date daily and I are always headed to our fave vegan spot. 

There was not too much to this post other than thinking that sometimes C and I are the black sheep, but we love it and would have it NO OTHER WAY.. Do you ever feel as we do, like the black sheep?

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  1. I get stares sometimes (Angel notices more than I do), but I highly doubt it's for being too stylish. Wearing too bright of colors? Perhaps.

  2. Girl! You are fabulous, I love how fun and wonderful your outfits are, also your hair... cesar is the one that notices more as well, oh weelll :)

    Have a great evening!