Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I am officially old...

Soo... Good Morning-

Let us talk about how today is the Tenth anniversary of Mean Girls, and I have a funny...

So as you all know, I am mid-twenties and still "cool" in my opinion. Well to my lovely step daughter, I am the most un-cool mid twenty something, because to her, I am mom. So Imagine your mom walking out of her bedroom leaving for work wearing Pink on the day that "all her friends" and "everyone will be", wearing pink at her school. I did this not knowing that today was the 10th year. #unintentional... So we laughed and she did not believe that I did not do that on purpose..Anyhoo it got me thinking about how funny it was that this movie was funny for me then and it is still a staple for girls now and might continue, like clueless for me :)I It did make me realize, Wow! TEN YEARS?!? Where does the time go? So, that's my old story.

Next, I went out to North Park and spent some time in Sephora this weekend... here is my haul.

I have pictures from this past weekend meeting Essie Buttons, Fleur De Force and Amelia Liana ,they were in Dallas for a blogging function... that is another example of how old I am... Tell you more about that when I am able to get the post done.

Chat soon, Happy Hump Day.

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