Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I am still here...

So I know I have been MIA, this is Cesar right out of Surgery, big thumbs up.
All is well, we had our follow up this Monday and Cesar and his healthy body are healing exceptionally well.
Thank you all for the well wishes. We took a week off and basically just laid up in the house the entire time, watching movies then after a week, went back into work and that's it for project baby making, for now.

Let us talk about everything else... So a few of you might remember that I mentioned getting into a fender bender recently and was supplied a rental, only to get into an accident in the rental. It was stressful and not what I was looking at, I figure it was someone letting me know I cannot always have full control of everything.

This this Saturday my little bubba got into a wreck in his car, then yesterday the worst happened... My mom and little brother got hit head on by an F250 truck going around 50 mph. The trucks tire blew on a two lane road and went straight toward my mothers car. She tried to move quicker into the oncoming lane but they collided, totaling my mothers car. Thank GOD, they were not seriously injured, just a lot of bruising and my little bubs had some stitching up done. It was a very real situation that really will shake you up when you think about it. I am just glad everyone is ok. 

Needless to say, I have not really had time to just breathe, stressed to the max about everything and trying to stay a float. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter... when I get around to it I have some fantastic Easter shots.

Chat Soon.


  1. So glad that in spite of all of the car trouble, that no one has been seriously hurt!

    1. You are always the best! Such a sweet friend, thank you for the well wishes :)