Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady.

Hi, my name is Brittney and I am a cat lady...

Might not be cray cray all the time, but my husband might say I am. The funny thing is, he was not an animal lover and last night we found ourselves contemplating picking up another stray wandering around, in fear they might get hurt. We have rescued two of the three cats we have now, and if possible I would probably take all strays in and feed them. I am a dog person too, but we have found that we enjoy the independence of our cats and how they each have their own unique traits about them. I have introduced them long ago, but I would like to talk about them more... OK, so this is starting to sound like I am the crazy cat momma.

Meet our little loves...

Oreo -The Introvert
Nickname: Fat Cat
He is our most vocal cat. Him loves his momma and daddy, hates his big sister. He is weary of everything, can have quite the attitude and is my one cat that will turn his back on you when he is mad. He is also the cat that will bother you to no end to pet him, but stay far away when you try to. I will say that his confidence has definitely improved, now he will walk on you and will always comes when you call or gesture to pet him. He  is my one cat that has conversations with me back and forth. He loves the shower, and drinks from the water bowl using his paw.

Name: Owen Wilson
Nickname: Kitty Kitty
This little sweet boy is the lover and cuddle-r, to a fault sometimes. We had the hardest time choosing a name, seriously it took forever..then one day we were joking about his sweet funky nose and the corellation between a blonde Owen Wilson and our sweet boy came to light. Some evil people moved and left him outside, he was number two and we just could not leave him out there on that stormy day. He has the softest and most quiet meow ever, it is so sweet when he meows you HAVE TO do what he wants because it is very rare. He is so hairy and all he wants to do is lay on you, always. He will test the waters and put a paw on you and almost like creep up to you to make sure you have given the approval then he will slowly crawl and plop, then cuddle you. He is my night snuggles and loves his big sister.

Last but definitely not least...

Name: Lucas
Nickname: Pulgas (Fleas in Spanish)
This little hand full is our disaster-maker. We saved him from death, he was taken from his mother far too young and then dropped back outside after they discovered he had fleas. He was so sick, extremely malnourished and covered in fleas. Our intentions with him were to bring him back from the brink of death, get him healthy and give him back to his owners... that did not happen and the owners adopted a healthy cat. We actually potty trained him, formula fed him and vetted him. Now all he wants to do is thank us by creating disasters around the home when we do not give him ALL the attention. He is our water cat, and loves the bathroom-legit, he will run so fast to beat you to the bathroom door. He drinks from our faucet as we brush our teeth and as soon as you shower he is there pawing at you to love on him.

Sometimes it is crazy thinking that we have THREE cats, but honestly they bring so much joy into our lives and we couldn't possibly imagine life without them. How crazy are you about your animals, if you have any? Crazy like me, let me know :)

Chat soon!


  1. So adorable! I never thought I was a cat person; then I got married and my husband wanted a cat. Now I have two, and I'm obsessed with them. I can't imagine the house without them!

    1. Thank you! Watch thing you know you will have three LOL!

  2. My husband is the crazy cat person in this house!! He sure loves his Morphine--our cat!

    1. What a funny name! Fellow cat people uniting, love it!