Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Go-Getter

I am a go-getter, initiator, and self sufficient to a fault... When I see someone that is not like that, it is extremely hard to understand...

I mean, Cesar and I are both alike, we are Definitely raising our daughter now, and future children to be that way.

That moves me along to my next topic... Does any woman, other than me, ever feel like you want to look your husband, family member, friend or anyone- square in the eye and say, "Just get it please, get me, understand that I am telling you, I would prefer you to just understand today, it is not hard." 

I am a very self sufficient woman, I will do anything alone, because I know I can get it done. That is a fault of mine because I typically will not speak up, I do this because it is easier to not have to ask, just do it myself. Cesar is the most caring and adorable husband  when he is trying to take care of me, but the best description of me is a quote from Cesar, "You are horrible at allowing someone to take care of you". He is right, I end up feeling bad that I have put someone out and some other thoughts on myself being a control freak. As much as I would love to sit at home eating Bon-Bon's and watching TV and relying on someone to take care of me, I honestly do not think I would be capable of that. I am good at taking care of others, I actually love helping others, this was something I have inherited from my mom, then on down the gene pool. I am struggling (outside of home) with NOT losing my cool and be straight forward with someone I am very close with, I am tired of giving answers or seeing a completely capable beautiful person, not even try to better their situation. I would love to see this person strive to their full potential and take the initiative to do it on their own. I know they are capable... I also realize that I was raised to be totally self sufficient, so having a husband trying to help is amazing, and he is a perfect husband, but ladies don't you love accomplishing things on your own too? To be honest, if I do not know how to do something I GOOGLE it lol. I eventually figure it out or ask for help, it might not turn out perfect, but I will get the job done.

**Edited to clarify, Thank you Rach!!- I am rather OK with having help around things I am not expert with and know I would probably break- Like : Cars, computers, electronics, home appliances, stuff like that. Cesar is my knight in shining armor for situations like that :) Thank you C and in turn I will always be willing to help my hubs with anything!!

This post is not really going anywhere, just needed to talk about how the heck I am going to tell this wonderful person to get the head on straight and DO IT ALREADY.

On a lighter note: Tomorrow is Friday and I am PUMPED. I hope you all have a tremendous remaining day.

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  1. I'm all for being self-sufficient, able to take care of yourself, and I've googled many a thing in order to figure out how to do it...but I'm okay with asking someone for help in an area of their expertise (I.e. my husband fixes our cars, but I cut his hair and edit his papers). But it is very frustrating when someone you love refuses to do anything that they could do to help their situation.

    1. Totally agree Rach, I edited my post to clarify :) I am A-OK with exactly what you are referring too lol, I would have broken every electronic in our home if it weren't for my husband fixing it :) I guess I am just speaking in general about the not taking initiative to even try it out on your own.. Have a great weekend friend!!