Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to: Tease like a Boss...

How to Tease like a Boss

First things First: 
Grab your hairspray and teasing comb/brush.
Wella: Stay Essential finishing spray // Conair teasing comb
I also did not edit these pics, I do not know why they look so soft, nor do I like it lol.
 Step Two:
 Start section by section (about two inches) : Spray, Tease , Repeat. Until all the way around your crown
Admire the mess
Step Three: 
Softly comb down with the teasing brush without the force. You are just taming that mane.
 Step 4: Lightly Hairspray to tame the flyaway pieces...

The before and afters...
Before                                                                                                          After
There you have it! You now know how to tease your hair like a true Texas Girl.

If you do not care to wear it down, once you follow the steps above, just add a ponytail holder and voila.. a sweet side pony

Disclaimer: I do not typically tease my hair unless I am feeling a little adventurous and I also do NOT go full out Texas girl EVER ;)

I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial, I have a very hard time not goofing off, but that's just me..

Happy Wednesday
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  1. Haha--you look cute even mid-tease!! I don't tease my hair often--but now that it's a little longer and heavier I do it once in a while for that extra volume!

    1. Thank you friend! It is nice every once in a while, I really try to avoid unless I have an up-do because, you know Texas girls like that HUGE hair... not me :)

  2. haha love your hairstyle!

    1. Lol, Thank you so much... have to keep it fun :) Thank you for stopping by..