Monday, May 19, 2014

6 Years and 6 memories...

It has been six years, apparently to the day, and I still remember every second of how that day changed my life forever. I was young, Francee was younger and I will tell you this... I will never, ever take for granted the time I have on this earth with my loved ones and waste time harboring any ill feelings. My father was a truly genuine man. He had style, class, and the sense of humor to make an audience pee their pants. The older I get, the more I miss him.. To me, it does not get easier, the pain subsides and you can only remember the sweetest hours with a loved one that was lost too early. He would have been 48 this year...
I thought I would post some pictures and write 6 memories for 6 years missed...

See the resemblance, my dad around my age...

1. When we lived in San Antonio, my dad befriended a homeless man, named Sam. Gave him a shaving kit, had him over for dinner on numerous occasions and all I know was that I remember one stormy night taking him to a house with no windows and being so concerned with him staying dry. I do not know what became of him but I remember just knowing how big my dads heart was and having him explain to me (at 6-7) that you cannot judge a person by appearances, you do not know the struggles they might have.

2. While driving, we say a dog eating a alligator gar on the side of the road, my dad pulled over and proceeded to feed the dog our left overs from the restaurant we had just eaten at, making sure he was full.

3. My dad getting kicked out of my softball game for getting a little verbal with one of the umps, only to stand in the back of some random persons' truck bed, only to yell and scream from the truck bed. And NO, I was not embarrassed..

4. Francees' Birthday Party- Picture above... Francee was OBSESSED with Princesses, and of course how could the entire party bunch not dress in full costume... Imagine, April heat, My dad in full Aladin costume, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, cursing profanities to the adults and sweating bullets.

5. My dad also did this whole, I have a bad knee, it went out while walking joke he would pull... Mainly my concern was him walking me down the isle faking this, which I know he would have done had he been able to walk me down the isle. One time we were walking on the board walk and he faked his knee injury so well, a woman welped and reached out to help him to help. Also, he and Cesar discussed wearing pirate costumes to my wedding and it took a lot of convincing Cesar that he would not be able to carry that one through...

6. Historical markers, History, Texas history, Trains and Planes(blue angels), as well as cemeteries were my dads interests... I remember almost ever historical marker we cam across, It was...  Stop, read over it, talk about it. We also stopped at countless cemeteries to look for the oldest burial marker.

Those are just a few, of many memories I cherish of my very missed father...

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  3. What a lovely heartfelt post. I nearly lost my mom when she was early 40s so can only imagine how you must feel. It's great that you have so many memories to cherish though, and continue to do so even as the years go by.
    Sarah -

  4. Wow Britt..I'm bawling here, but mostly tears of joy in reading your heartfelt words. We miss him so much and we talk about him all the time! How can you not, he was so special to our family and touched every single on of us in some way or another. You have grown up to be such a beautiful woman! He would be so proud of you!!! I love you to pieces.