Monday, May 5, 2014

Dallas Meetup.. Essiebuttons, Fleur de force, Amelialiana (OH MY)

Long, Long ago... or two weekends past Amanda and I went to meet up with EssieButton, Fleurdeforce and Amelialiana in Dallas. Amanda first started following these lovely ladies (she is more of a beauty lover) and I followed after, I typically read lifestyle and fashion blogs. Any how, she asked me if I had ever been to a meetup and I let her know that I had not, and that unless I had a partner there I would be too,ahem, uncomfortable..

Amanda and I without heels are close to 6'2, so we decided how often do we get the chance to rock our heels .

We decided to go together because, honestly, how often do we get to meet three UK beauty bloggers with huge Youtube followings lol. So we made a day of it, headed to Drybar for Blowouts, Max's wine dive for Mimosas and brunch, hit up North Park for some beauty products and then headed to meet these lovelies. 

It was packed, and we were by far the oldest women there, honestly there were parents driving their children and helping them take pictures. It was hot and we stayed hydrated with a few beers... but after we literally waited until the final people to talk to them we had a wonderful time and these ladies were fantastic! 

quick Sephora run..

Photobomb by the bullie

essentials for the day

Hotttt-er than hot


 I hope you have a great start to your week, have you even been to a meetup? Were you nervous, how did it go :)

Chat Soon


  1. Sounds like a fun blogger meetup! And you guys are tall!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Max's Wine Dive!!! Glad you had a great time doing the girly thing :)