Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Need to remember this some days!
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Good Morning!

As it comes in waves, work has been intense so bare with my horribly sparse posts...

I had to give a quick update though, C and I headed to Frisco to see Dr. Buch and to get our first "numbers" since the surgery... and ladies and gents, I would like to announce that the procedure did take, not only was it successful but there was substantial improvement. 40,000 was the first read with 0 viable...
Drum roll please.
15,000,000 was yesterdays count with 7.5 million viable.... that is INCREDIBLE. Even the nurse was like, there is only improvement from here... You know what that is people. HOPE. I do not think I realized how important that visit was until we were there waiting in the room and the nurse asked, "Nervous Yet?".
So please raise your glasses and celebrate with us, that after, what has been almost a decade of trying we for sure know that whenever it is meant to be we have the possibility of becoming parents again, this time with a munchkin made from both of our DNA. We are not in the clear yet and might have a while, but people, this is what we were hoping for... HOPE. Thank you to everyone who has prayed, and given support and continues to do so on our journey..

Cheers and Happy Hump Day!

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