Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cabin Fever


Well the DFW sure will shut down when a winter storm hits... I left work early on Thursday to miss the beginning stages of freeze and stock up on groceries.

Now, count the days... Friday.. Saturday..Sunday, three days stuck inside with nothing to do but watch a new Netflix series (Dexter) and get some cozy foods cooked. I, Cesar made beans, potatoes, ham, tacos (my favorite), and homemade arroz con leche YUM. We drank wine, hot cocoa, apple cider, decorated the home  for the holiday's. Although we were getting cabin fever, I LOVED being cooped up with my two favorite people in the world and our three fur babies. Monday came along, I decided to work from home, Cesar went in. Poor Alexandria is still out of school ,I am glad to get back into the groove of things, working from home is not the easiest without two computer monitors. I am already missing the time I was able to catch in with Cesar and Alexandria... I did not get too many pictures of events, due to: No makeup, sweats, and laziness..

Here is a re-cap:

remote kitty

snow  Ice.

Yummy Tacos

homemade: Arroz con leche

Casa de Lucas

Grocery run

I hope, wherever you are located... you stay warm and dry...try not to slip on ice as much as we did... :)
Chat Soon.


  1. When winter weather hits, staying indoor with yummy food and good tv certainly sounds ideal to me!!

    1. Exactly! It really was a nice and relaxing time.

      Thank you for the comment!