Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Part II

So, Most of our holiday plans end up meaning one thing... My family, is always the daytime get-together, with he exception of Christmas Eve... while Cesar's family wraps up with fun evening,-night,-early morning festivities :) 
Cesar's cousin came in from Mexico, along with her husband. I do not think Cesar and Marianna had seen each other in close to 10 + years, I had met her on Skype one night years ago. 

 Here you go...

always a dance party..


Becca+(baby) and Fede

Isn't she a beauty, Cesar's aunt Irma

This one's for my LADIES

Cousins, Paris and Cesar


Aunts and Cousins

My Cesar and Fede


added my nose ring

later on...

We got home close to 1 a.m., none the less, we had a blast.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, we are almost over the hump for this week.
Goodness, is it sad I am counting down until the weekend this quick??

chat Soon

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