Thursday, December 12, 2013

Office Space Christmas style..

 I have decided to spruce up my office space... I even used my fern as a small Christmas tree bush. We have our secret Santa going on.. working on our schedules for the upcoming holiday...getting ready.

I am not going to lie, work has been a bit crazy lately and I am already counting down until I take some days off...AGAIN.

This is not myself in the picture, it's my look alike we were asked, while in the post office, if we were twins... ANNND, when I sent Cesar this picture, he thought it was me :)

I did not have much to get at today, just a fun picture of more Christmas decor..

Chat Soon.


  1. That's a festive little office you've got there!! I like the lights on your desk!

    1. I tend to go overboard :) I love me some Christmas/ Holiday decor.

      Thank you!