Monday, December 23, 2013

Flannel, ponytail, dramatic makeup.

Something about the coziness and warmth, but I jump for joy at a fun outfit I put together using my husbands clothes...

The makeup is the fun, always and I am finally coming around to the red-lipped thing.

Disclaimer: Just in case anyone would like to know, my eyebrows were over-tweezed as a teen (nervous habit). When I grew them out, they have never ever ever been the same... so thanks to my lucky Kevyn Aucoin- Precision Brow Pencil. You can also purchase online through Beauty Bar or Nordstrom. I wear the Brunette and without it, I would not be the same :)

Do you have that one piece of make-up that is a requirement?Would love to hear about it!

Chat Soon.


  1. I like your makeup style in these pictures! Beautiful!

  2. Love the scarf and plaid! Plus your hair is gorgeous!