Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Acne Face Mask

I do not typically have skin issues like acne, but I do have very oily skin. I have been working to do the DIY's on my Pinterest page and so far, I have loved every DIY  attempted. It helps that I have been working on stocking up the groceries required for Natural beauty remedies, and/or  the essential oils to dabble with hair and skin masks.

I found this recipe to eliminate blackheads and/or minimize pores.

Tbsp. honey
Tbsp. olive oil
2 Tbsp. ground nutmeg

Mix well, slather on your face, wait 15 minutes... Wah Lah. Soft and smooth. 

It looks horrible when you rub it on, smells delicious, if you accidentally eat it, you will want to ask your husband to lick your face :) I asked, and he declined.. it was a visual thing ...

I just though I could share this quick mask idea, if you are bored and have these three ingredients handy... try it out. It will make your pretty little face so silky smooth.

I hope you all have been able to enjoy your week so far, it is hump day after all!

Chat soon.

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