Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hard work and the Rewards...

This has been on my mind a lot lately,

I wanted to talk a little about hard work today, Cesar and I have been really determined to make a happy, comfortable life for Alexandria, and the two of us. We do not have tons of fancy things... but we do have we work very hard for. We have love, always- but, I will be honest... we will have those things, all the things we want, because we will work for every bit of it. We have already been able to show Alexandria that it is not LUCK, it is hard work, dedication, and faith in god that will help/allow you to accomplish your dreams. We went from living in a garage room, just us two... to gaining full custody of A, having no where to call our own, all within three months, and no idea what we would do.... but we did it, it is never easy, but we will make sure to count our blessings,thank god, and I can thank my husband for always providing for me.  


So, my wonderful mother has worked her tail end off my entire life. She is one of the most driven women; and I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful mother, best friend, and mentor. Seriously, my mom did the whole single mother thing, sacrificed everything for my little brother and I, done it all. I have always looked up to her and knew that she was working ALL THE TIME to better our lives.Then things changed when she met my step-dad, he is someone else who I know I can look up to in all aspects of life and really value his opinion,too .When my father passed away and prior to that, Boyd has loved me like his own child. 
When they met we obviously integrated well as a family, and I grew up watching how hard they both worked, but also seeing the opportunities they were able to enjoy after all the sacrifices early on. All I can say is THEY DESERVE IT,every bit. I have seen people assume they deserve things from both my mother and step-dad because they have made something of themselves, and marriage. I think that is wrong. period. They are two of the kindest people in the world, and would do anything to help people in need... but, they have done it all on their own. My step father was a single dad raising two children on his own, while working a full time job and going to night school,  he graduated and he has been a success ever since.

I say that, to follow with how humbled they are, they are so humble that I would like to show off two of their new toys for them... I have had hesitation on posting about the cars, I am sure there are people who will find this tacky, but they can kiss it... Mom and Step-dad deserve every bit of this.

I keep joking with my mom when we meet for lunch, I called off the paparazzi before, for her to not worry about them following us...
stylin' momma

Yes, that is a giant Texas flag painted on their garage wall, go big or go home.

Anyways, I am incredibly proud of the two of them and really just wanted to show an example of hard work paying off... 

Do not ever give up!

Chat soon


  1. I don't think this is tacky at all! they've both worked so hard and totally deserve these gorgeous cars. and love how proud of them you are as well. it's awesome!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. Very, thank you for such sweet words! :)


  2. I'm actually glad you showed off their shows a physical representation of hard work paying off. Good for them and good for you for respecting them both for being hard working. It looks like you have great role models and will strive to be life them. Lovely post girl! Just started following you on GFC and can't wait to see what other awesome things you post!


    1. I am so glad to hear! I am glad others feel the same way.... I look forward to your posts and getting to know you!

      Happy Followings, new friend!