Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Orange is the new Black...



I would like to please talk about this fabulous show!!

If you have Netflix and time , or hell, you have no time. Watch this series!   I will give nothing away... 

This is a mix of comedy and drama or "Dramedy", I love the feel. It has some very serious points, but hilarious in between. The characters are perfect and a look on the inside of how prison works, is incredibly intriguing. I want to talk about my favorite characters.

Taylor Schilling- Piper Chapman

I love her, have since Mercy Hospital ended. I think she does a fabulous job of playing a classy girl sent to the federal slammer. She has an innocence to her look, and I love watching the awkward situations she has placed upon her...well or  what she gets herself into.

Laura Preop- Alex Vause
Love the pin-up hairstyle and, more or less hipster glasses. Love the dark hair on her, she looks beautiful. I was surprised in a good way, seeing her character evolve, trying to see if you love, hate or just simply love to hate her :) Either way, she looks beautiful.

Natasha Lyonne- Nicky Nichols

Natasha Lyonne Picture

She has always seemed to play the intricate parts, I love her hair always. She plays a normal roll, good friend, lesbian lover, same ol same ol.

There are soo many great characters and women in the show, they capture the characters perfectly.

BUT, lets talk about this little lady..


She is apparently a former Ms. (somewhere in NY)

The entire cast is worth writing about, the characters they portray are unbelievable. 

If you have not started watching, and have Netflix, I would suggest you watch.

Talk soon.

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