Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

Good Morning Lovelies-

It is FRIDAY, and man am I happy!

Here is my Friday five recap from my week:

I purchased these to above knuckle rings. 
Look, I get that my husband will never understand why my ring is so small, or will my little brother... but, I love them.
I purchased a chevron silver knuckle ring on GroopDealz and love how fun it is. I feel like I am channeling my inner Phoebe.

Knuckle Ring Chevron in Gold or Silver, Stacking Midi Dainty Ring Handmade
Find here!

ONE Gold Midi Finger ring knuckle Ring, Midi Ring, Mid finger Ring
Find here


We fully intend to get snocones tonight and watch Evil Dead, we love a scary movie and if I am eating the snocones I will not have to worry about focusing too much on the movie. Super pumped!


Last month our little one turned 13, she has now started applying makeup and purchasing it herself. I am all for natural beauty, and I was not allowed to wear a lot of makeup. I have come to understand why my mother gave those rules. I explained to A that she should NOT feel  obligated to wear makeup I am luck to be a mother to this amazing teenager, and have the wonderful privilege of being a mother to her.


I have the most wonderful, beautiful mother :) She is my best friend and an amazing inspiration to me.
I have been working on a few picture projects, came across this beautiful picture of my momma.


It has rained essentially all week...

Rain is my favorite weather, clouds, and the dim sky; I wish it would rain through the weekend, too. I guess we will see if we will be laying out, or hanging on the couch vegging :).

That has  been my entire week.

You can add a horrible, crazy work week and you would have it all down .

Chat soon

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