Friday, August 2, 2013

25 Fun Facts.

1. I love tea, chai , Earl Grey, Lady Grey and Chamomile.

2. I am a music lover, I am a sucker for good tunes. I am not genre specific (with the exception of country) I tend to love Indie pop, jazz, hip hop.

3. I have 11 piercings, and 4 tattoos (its a fun, secret obsession) 

4. I love water, I typically ONLY drink water and allow myself a Diet. DP every once in a while.

5. I am a huge fan of scary movies,  this is is not a statement I would have ever thought I would hear myself say. I can thank my husband for being my barrier between my eyes and the T.V. 

6. I have always wanted to own a salon, my mom and I have said one day we will open one for fun.

7. I have always wanted to be a runway model, honestly, this is something I wish I could still do.. Ha, fat chance!

8. My hair is my security blanket, when I cut my hair short... I love it, no one else seems too. So, I keep it 
long and make sure I play around with hairstyles to mix it up. 

9. I live by routine, I am the epitome of type A personality. I need structure and I like it!

10. I do not like wearing a lot of makeup, I tend to keep it very simple.

11. I am pretty fluent in Spanish , thank you husband! I can understand 90 % and speak 70%.

12. I love baking, cooking, anything culinary associated.

13. I love online shopping, so much easier than talking myself out of an outfit in the store. Thank you H&M for allowing me to now browse and shop online!

14. I have always felt like I belong in the city, even more-so now that I have married Cesar. He is a city boy and I love that about him, I feel that is a fun connection that we share.

15. I am 5'10, my drivers license says 5'8. Ha

16. I have expensive taste, but am able to control this...sometimes.

17. I love to dance, I will move to anything with a beat. This is an addiction that will NEVER go away.

18.I am a huge animal lover,  I would help every animal if I could. Well, maybe not arachnids. 

19. I love working, I grew up watching my mother in an professional office environment and I am living my dream now.

20. I have lost an older brother and my father. They were both incredibly young and I miss them so much, but I know that they are both in heaven, playing guitar and golf.

21. I am a huge foodie, we love to cook and eat!

22. I am the universal picture taker in my family, Cesar has now assisted me in that role... I might add he is getting pretty impressive.

23. I love smiling, laughing, joking, anything that involves that euphoric feeling. 

24. I have never broken a bone.

25. I like wine. That is all.

The End.

Talk soon!

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