Thursday, August 22, 2013

Food Post

I have been looking through my photos on my phone...all 2,439 of them.

I honestly do not know why I document and take so many pictures, I just love it. I am noticing a pattern, I take food photos and do not post or use them. I wonder if deep down I am nervous for back-lash because of my Diabetes, and hearing the negative comments.  

Well, here you go! I know this will be a highly viewed and talked about post..


I have been super stressed with work, and have allowed myself ALL THE STARBUCKS I WANT! This too shall p-a-s-s.

Skinny vanilla Latte

I swear this Frap is a Mocha light, only 120 calories and (skinny style)
Greek yogurt with honey is wonderful!

Whole wheat bagel and Super fruit smoothie from Panera

I am not a huge fan of cucumber, but this drink, if cold...


 Lunch portion
Child's menu...
 This is one of my favorite meals..
Chicken salad and fruit from Zoe's

 Zoe's is my girlfriends and I's favorite place to eat for lunch at work, walking distance and healthy.

Quinoa, Yum!
Quinoa and feta salad
 For my birthday, some of my lady-friends took me out for Mexican.
Stuffed advacodo, YUM.


Cesar and I stay very regimined for dinners, we basically cook every dinner together. Not only do I love it that way, becasue we work so well together in the kitchen...but it keeps a nice budget :)


stir fry


We are not big drinkers, so this is the only yummy drink shot.

Watermelon Margarita!!


All have a wonderful finish to your day!


  1. I'm definitely guilty of drinking way too much Starbucks, but it just helps!
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

    1. I am really trying... but. but. but. It really does hit that spot:)

      Have a fabulous day!