Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birchbox and Chia Seeds

OOTD -Target dress for 8 dollars...STEAL

Selfie- No Mascara

I am really pleased with my Birchbox this month. 

Birchbox night
One of my favorite evenings in the month, are when I have this box waiting for me in the mail :)

Secret: I signed Cesar up for the male Birchbox, I might do our reviews together next month.

Now, I want to touch on my new favorite item...

Chia Seeds.
I had a co-worker introduce me to her Chia seeds months ago, after that I had kept an eye out for a good value bag... they run about 13-22.00 dollars.
One day I was surfing Groupon, and found 6 bags of Chia seeds for... 

Get this, 28.00 Dollars!!!!!
I could not pass up that bargain, I am the bargain queen.

I have added them to salads, fruit drinks, water/fruit and yogurt. Chia seeds have no flavor to me, they have a great crunch and after they touch water and hydrate, they form a Gel like consistency. For one serving, you are looking at 4 g of protein , and 11 g of fiber. Oddly enough, I feel like since I have been eating the Chia seeds, my blood sugar has been dropping. I will notice this time to time with good vitamins, I start cutting back on the amount of insulin I inject all the while, still lowering my numbers...

I would say that, even once I am out of my SUPER DUPER deal saving, I will continue to purchase them :)

Chia seeds look like mini pinto beans 

 I have been working mas,recently. Oreo was helping momma work...

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon, I have some big news to talk about soon...

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