Thursday, March 14, 2013

20 Questions

Today I thought it might be fun for some Q & A
1. Favorite Color:
 Coral, pink
2. Favorite Food:
Mexican. my husbands meatballs (no pun intended) 
3. If I were able to morph what animal would I morph into?Why?
 Cheetah, because I love cats and they are the prettiest IMO.
4. Favorite number:
72,  It was always my softball number and it stuck with me. I will always pick this number if you ask me to choose a number between 1-100 :)
5. Favorite music/ song:
I love jazz, alternative, and indie.. But, music is a huge part of me and my life. I will enjoy any song I feel connected , or that gets my booty shaking. 
6. Favorite Movies:
 Bridesmaids,Dumb and Dumber, Center Stage. SATC
7. Favorite desert:
Key lime pie
8. Favorite TV channel:
 Food network, Scifi
9. favorite drink:
 Hibiscus tea
10. favorite app:
Instagram currently
11. Favorite memory:
 My wedding day 
12. Biggest fears:
Spideys, pitch black, heights.
13. Quirky fact:
I tend to be a bit of a hippie at heart. I love singing but know I stink.
14. Hobbies:
reading, antiquing, shopping, blogging, painting, watching movies, taking pictures, dancing
15. What era should you belong to?
1940-70 I love my classic movies and musicals (thanks to my nana and papa) I am always told I am a very cultured woman, and I love that.
16.Pet peeves:
 smacking food, or loud eaters. Table manners people :)
17. Do you like to use post-it notes?
I use them all the time, without post-it notes I would be lost... and my purse would be so much more presentable.
18.Dream Job:
 My dream job would be something along the lines of interior design, organizer, decorator, stylist, hair-dresser, fashion lover ... I do LOVE my current job, there is that. 
19. Irrational fear:
When the zombie apocalypse hits, how will I keep my insulin cold. lol 
20. Random fact:
I would kill to be a runway model.

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