Monday, March 11, 2013

3 day weekend Re-cap...

Hello Lovelies!
So we had a wonderful Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Friday: We  I slept in until 9 am. C took A to school and let me sleep.
A super sweet story... A thought we had slept in and she made C's lunch for me because she didn't think I would have enough time. Such a wonderful step daughter I have. A heart of gold.
Took care of business that needed tending for the rest of Friday.
 lunch: Baker Bros.

We were playing around on our phones.
Picked A up from school together which was lovely. Then C made a stop by A and I's favorite coffee shop :)
C's Ig photo of the girls.

 We got up and around to head to IKEA...
The trip was a success we worked very hard in making sure we were not going to have to take another trip, for a very long,long time.
We ended up with two shelving units, dresser,desk and full length mirror.
I had a basket full of nic-nacs also.
Doesn't C look so happy :)
I tried to help him but he didn't need my help. 
We stayed up until near 1 getting everything assembled. I did not take pictures of that due to the two of us staying focused apartment looking horrid!
Sunday: Slept in until 10, C 10:30...Time change.
Headed to Garden Ridge and got some great room accessories. Went looking for spare fabric to re-upholster my chair. Left with 100.00 worth  more things.
I shall have pics pf my decor tomorrow.
Also now that I have my full mirror I will start OOTD!!

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