Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So last night Cesar and I were admiring our little fur babies, I know we post their pictures but I would like to share why we have THREE CATS :) Oreo, Kitty Kitty (Owen Wilson), and Little kitty (Lucas)
We would have never decided on three cats. They have now grown in our hearts and seem to have strategically been placed there for one reason or another :) 
Let's meet the three boys shall we ... 
Oreo was our first, we got him about 6 months before our wedding, he was the sweetest little kitten we had ever seen. He was this little black an white tiny kitten sitting on top of two calico bigger kittens and as we walked by all he could do was give us this helpless little whimper or a meow. His name was Chaz but we decided on Oreo. He is our laid back cat, he loves to talk with you, knows english and spanish, will acknowledge you verbally when you say his name. He and Alexandria do not get along very well but it's OK they love each other :)

Owen Wilson- I would like to explain his name... he is blond (yellow) and has a very unique nose shape. Therefore he was dubbed Owen Wilson. I tend to call him kitty kitty all the time so that's what he knows. His story was we were already thinking about getting a playmate for Oreo and one day Alexandria and I got home only to hear meows coming from around us. She ended up noticing him across the breezeway. Someone had left him and sat water outside for him, but but but... it had been puring all day and storming and I HAD to bring him in. So, I called Alexandria to bring Cesar outside. The funny thing was he had seen him outside and knew that when I got there I would bring him in. We were completely happy with two cats and had said we WERE NOT getting another.
 End of story Fast Forward to a year later...

Lucas- His story is a bit different, we took him from people we knew and were very close too. That person must not have realized the horrible shape this poor baby was in. An to add terror to it he was a gift to a 31/2 year old. I told C there was no way this poor baby was going to survive and that I didn't care what they said I had to take him. He was Mal-nourished, and at two weeks old they were feeding him tuna in a can?!? He had also been taken from his mother under a house after a week-long storm. So we took him with the intention of returning him once he had become well enough. We fed him formula, used a shoe box as a litter box, loved him, cuddled him, potty trained him. We all worked so hard to give this little guy a chance. The other family ended up getting another cat in a proper manor of adoption and we kept baby Lucas. After an emergency vet visit, double pneumonia , vaccines, neutering, a lot of TLC we have a litter trained, happy completely domesticated cat.

Now for all the pictures of our fur babies.
They love taking naps..

Lucas as a little kitten, napping on momma
 Lucas as a kitten resting on dad 
 Anytime there is opportunity to lay on clean clothes, it is done.
Mind the mess in both of the pictures.
There was a sale on Diet cokes, I swear we do not drink that many...actually we no longer drink soda.

any chance Owen can get he will lay all over you


 Very sick little kitten 
that is a shoe box lid ( makeshift litter box)





That was a sock of mine...so tiny

Still pretty sickly


 This is just an idea of how little he was...
I hope you are not in photo overload :)


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