Friday, March 22, 2013

The humor in life, and a BIG OL' TGIF!

I do not have much to say today I am just happy it is Friday!!

My love...

A cute picture of our niece face timing- she must love C more than I ; ) She only wanted to see Cesar and say CESAR'S name the whole time...This was her sweet face when I sent the phone over to C's face...

I would like to add as embarrassed as you might be for me...I do not mind putting these out there. You have to have fun, and humor in your life or you will get wrinkles :) haha JUST KIDDING.
Side note:
I read that if you sleep on your side it will cause wrinkles,too. AAAhhh I will end up a wrinkled old hag, I love sleeping on my side.


This is what happens when you are trying to be serious and take OOTD photos ( which is very hard for me)

I love the humor my Cesar and I share...

Just trying to capture my lace embellishments and pearls ...

Then we have these....

I will leave you with that :)
Have a GREAT weekend!
Chat soon!

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