Thursday, March 21, 2013

Passion for fashion...with everything else

Hello Lovies!!
It has been so busy with work that I haven't even had an opportunity to think once I get home. I was up at 4:50 to be at work by 6:00 am yesterday. Got home around 6:30 because of horrible traffic so needless to say you understand :)
This napkin was acquired at work yesterday, it reminded me of this work week so I thought I'd share :)
I thought with yesterday being the first day of Spring I would wear my new floral print top.
I have always been more on the minimalist side of things. Less is more for me.
I was not allowed to wear any makeup like my friends, only clear mascara. High school was different I was so used to no makeup I don't think I ever wore any most days. My mom always said that it would ruin my skin. Still to this day I only wear blush,bronzer and eyeliner/mascara. I moisturize EVERY DAY.
My Nana (moms mom) always said I should be wearing no MORE than 3 pieces of jewelry.
 Up until recently have I been wearing more jewelry. Not makeup. Just more jewelry. 


My little Lucas wanted in on the picture too.
Also. I do not know how the HECK to pose for OOTD, I have been scouting out from IG, POSE, and my blogs I follow... Just bare with me on this whole fashion thing.
I love it and it has become something that I am starting to really take seriously enjoy.
I have really become OBSESSED with Marshals and Ross, It is a fun challenge to scout out different items and have fun with adding to my collection.
This was my OOTD for tues.
It was my easiest and most comfortable outfit!
Plus, maxis are my thing.
When you have legs that never end the short skirts tend to look skimpy. 
Cesar pointed out something a few nights ago when he counted 6, yes 6 open water bottles in my room... no no it is not that I am not controlling my diabetes I just do not finish one and grab another...
This was what I realized on my desk :) 

 I have yet to finish that Diet Dr. Pepper and that was days ago ...
This was just my sleepy boys sleeping on our Cat blanket my meme made.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful evening!
Chat soon

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