Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Operation Re-deco.

Each day we seem to be getting more accomplished with our recently redecorated room. This weekend I already have scheduled Saturday to finding wall decorations and making our new headboard. Here are a few pictures so far...

The headboard and picture frame will be removed.

Can you tell that C put his foot down about having too much pink on his side of the room :)
Plus that moose was found as a joke by C, I am sure he did not think I would love it. 

from L to R: Oreo, Lucas and Owen Wilson.
The cats seem to approve of our new comforter set.

I love the way our cats acted once we started working on the room. They seemed so excited to see new decorations too. They ran around and jumped from the bed to floor numerous times, until I found them all like this :)

 My favorite find was at garden ridge this past weekend, MY pink pig is the perfect touch for our room.

I still have messes scattered until I can find places for all that had accumulated over time :) 
The floor lamp was an IKEA purchase years ago that has found its new spot back in our bedroom.
The drawer set it perfect the top lifts with a felt lined interior fitted with a mirror.
Over the weekend I found this lovely necklace at Forever21 along with a new blazer from H&M.
It is wonderful weather this week. I am very much looking forward to this weekend again though :)

I will try to get my OOTD tonight, I am liking my outfit and 5 dollar new heels :)
Have a Beautiful DAY!!

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