Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Melody...

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was one of those weekends where it was uneventful yet very pleasant.

I got caught up on reading, drank wine, cleaned, took A to roller skate, went on our weekly Fiesta excursion.
Cesar had to work on Saturday, that was a bummer but I cleaned and went grocery shopping with little misses.

 Here are some photos I have taken over the weekend.

First off, here is Monday mornings OOTD, I will try and keep up with these everyday.

It was not ideal hair weather, but it was humid enough to wear a dress.

Monday Morning OOTD
It only looks like I am with child from this angle :)
20.00 sale from Francesca's. STEAL.
Weekend re-cap:
We ventured to Pets Mart to find a "clicker", C will be attempting to train our cats and we will remain very optimistic. We found this wheat grass and thought well maybe if we get them grass to eat they will quit eating C's Bamboo.
Needless to say Wheat grass is a big hit among our fur babies. 

Wheat grass makes him happy, so why not sleep next to it .

These shoes are amazing and I want them...BAD, I can see myself wearing these EVERYDAY! 

Current Crush : Katherine- @BrianJamesFootwear
Of course, Cesar made a great meal, momma here loves her a steak every once in a while.That just happens to be C's expertise.

Steak, loaded mash, paper place mat :) C always does wonderful in the food dept.
This happens every time. Either his tail is hanging out, or butt. It is just too funny. 

He thinks he is hiding :)

This little girl is the bright light in our day. She loves her some kitty :)
St. Pattys Day, loving on Lucas. 
Sweet Loves.

I told you I had a leisurely day :)
SATC, wine, feet propped up, and catching up on my magazine collection.

Got two new nail colors..

Nail Polish purchases

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week.

Chat soon


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