Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making waves and Rocking the boat...

Hi Lovelies!
I am feeling much better, that was a horrible little bug/ virus that I got. I mean my WBC (white blood cell) count was registering at roughly 16,000-17,000. Normal range is maxed out at 10,000. I am only assuming that it was due to the infection I had.

Today I officially said:
I WANT TO ROCK THE BOAT.  It was exhilarating stepping  up and saying YES I am going to initiate change. Do I want change? Well. no. I hate change.
Will this just further me along? Well, yes. I believe it will.
So who's to say that taking a risk every now and again is worth it. I hope you all are happy in life!
I am no life coach, but work hard and it will be rewarded... If you are where you feel you should be.
I rocked my boat...
Then, made waves.  
Chat Soon!! 

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