Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh, what a wonderful Monday morning!

Hi Folks-

Long time no chatter :)

I know, I am sorry I have been uber busy with work. I guess that will lead to the bad/good news...

I will be even busier at work, but this is such a positive transition that I cannot help but be ok for now with my blog being put on the backburner. For NOW. not for long.

I also do not think I will be hurting too many people with not postinng as much :) I mean I have 10 magnificant followers, but, that will be changing once the google reader goes away.

I have not even had a chance to keep up with my favorite blogs :( I have stayed connected somewhat because I follow most on instagram  (which I might have a slight issue with loving!!)


I have not yet been able to work to my full potential; starting this Thursday morning I will have that chance.

I am slightly shaking in my shoes :) It will be great.

It is so amazing to see how things are perfectly paved and planned for us... From day to day we walk around with tunnel vision, only seeing what is in our near future, bouncing from one idea to another paralyzed by the fear of change.

 At least I do.

 This weekend I did some refelcting on how some recent events have played out, how I did not see positive in the beginning, Now my tunnel vision was gone and I see that everything was leading to a better oppurtunity.

Patience and timing are everything..

I miss writing,  I miss my blog...

I want to make my time each day to make sure I still have my little happy place :)

So redact everything I mentioned earlier...I want to make sure I keep up!!

Chat Soon, Loves..

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  1. thanks for following me on instagram. i saw on there that you are a type 1 diabetic. my fiance is as well so i wanted to check out your blog. would love to see if you share any tips on how you manage it (and how i can help him as well). looking forward to reading more!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
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