Monday, April 1, 2013


I know, I know,

It has been too long.

I was crazy busy the last two weeks of work...I can re-cap

Host a baby shower, more "work work", get things together for bay shower, "work work", More baby shower :)

Here are the baby shower pics...

Starting the Diaper cake...
On of the women I work with said she would like to do the cookies for the shower, I was thinking simple cookies...
These babies were amazing! I still have yet to eat mine, they are too pretty. C ate his though and it had orange zest icing. Delish!!
25 Min. until they arrive...


This was the best punch, quite honestly if you added a little coconut rum this would be a very refreshing  summer drink.
One litre of 7-up
One frozen container of Orange juice
One 64 oz. Cranberry juice
Two containers of frozen Pink Lemonade.
**I only found 2 containers of regular Lemonade, it was delish!
I have some things to catch up on ..
Very Soon!!


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