Monday, April 1, 2013

Catching up... Week of Photos

Last week
Went to lunch with mom, aunt, nana , and papa. 
My handsome papa
My lovely nana
My turkey sandwich.
Wanted to get home and needed gas,  hurried and put 12.00 in...
Highlighted A's hair. 
Random shot at my desk :)
Friday, I went to Zoes with Amanda...
Amanda and I decided to walk to the food truck park to get ice cream
We work right along the Trinity River , It is such a wonderful location and great for walks on beautiful days. 
My sweet Oreo napping on his colorful kitty blanket...
Also, Saturday was my father's birthday, he would have been 46 this year...
My little sis went to get a pic... it is so hard to believe we are coming up on another anniversary.
Miss you dad! Happy Birthday, I know you were spending it playing golf and fishing!
Easter post to come!

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