Friday, February 15, 2013

Free-for-all Friday

So last night I decided it was about time to check our mail box... to my suprise my Ipsy
order had come in.
Costal Scents- Shadow Pallete
 Pixie- Flawless and Poreless
POP- smoky lash kapowMascara,
Mica Beauty gel eyeliner,
LashCard- The Lashcard
So far I am loving the gel eyeliner and lashcard.
For those of you un-aware of this little bit of wonderful, I pay 10 Dollars a month to get a bunch of little goodies. Similar to Birchbox but Ipsy allows you to customize your order but selecting your favorite styles.Check it out!
Just a little more about myself is that I have secretly or not so secretly been dying to start a blog, seriously years.. Why I haven't well I am not sure BUT now that I have I have this overwhelming sence that  I can do it all!! No seriously I feel more confident in my clothing choices, re-decorating my bedroom (that will be a post to come) all of my creative senses are sparking back up and I am loving it.
C has even made a few comments like, " Oh, you can post that on your blog". There will also come a day or many that I post about C cooking all of his delicious foods. He is seriously an amazing cook and one day would like to start a food truck :)
Ok- will talk soon


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