Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonder-filled Wed.

Good Morning there!
            Yes, you.

It is a beautiful day here. Sunny. a little too cold.
I hope it is as cheerful and sunny for you all as well. It should be a very good day today. I will be meeting my sister and sweet niece for lunch, little Grace has a Doctors appointment.

I have spent many of my days wondering many things. The one bit that has been running through my mind recently is:
When will it be our turn to have a baby?
Why has it not happened for us yet? All these women seem to be having babies EVERYWHERE?!?
What our relationship will be when we have a baby together.

You see the dynamic of our relationship is already that we are raising a child together. A is always here, I am her "mother" in a sense. She calls me mom, I worry about her like a mom, I nag her about cleaning like a mom would. I am her mother, and for that I am truly grateful. I will always be there for her no matter what endeavors come her way. C and  I are her # 1 fans!!

I do not know what the Lord has in store for C and I. I would love more than nothing to give A a little brother or sister. She has certainly shared the same feelings of want.

I look at C with all our nieces and nephews and I just know that when that time comes. He will be as fun and amazing as he is with A now. Something about watching the man your in love with take care of his parental duties and cuddle a kid or play is just magnificent isn't it?

But, I often wonder when? Or, maybe he wants us to focus 100% of our eyes to Alexandria. If with my diabetes will effect the babies health, my health. I know that C and I are meant to be, and A needs the two of us.

This is not a rant, nor a plead with God but it is defiantly something I question a lot. The wonder.

 I will look to God and pray, look to my husband and pray with him.

I know this will come in time for Gods plan for us. I will not rush anything and will keep patience.

Until then I am bless with my family, husband, and beautiful little girl I have had the pleasure of being there for here. Always and Forever!

I hope that everyone sees that we have a paved way. Keep dreaming your dreams!!

We will chat soon..

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