Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring. Spring. Wherefore art thou Spring?

Soo.. Good Morning Loves!

Got to go to lunch with this little sugar yesterday.

Not happy, just got her shots.
Happy eating mommas chip.

It seems like spring is trying to become sprung. :) It is sunny and Beautiful again outside.
Sad story though...
I am still in my frumpy sweaters... such as this one..

Owen our middle kitty was a stray when we found him, we have had him for a little over a year. All he ever wants to do is cuddle, PuURrr, and nuzzle his face into yours. This was him last night, I took so many photos decided only on this one :). I cannot get over how much I love our cats. One day I shall dedicate an entire blog post to them.

Yes, that is a VERY random flash light sticking out from my couch cushions. 
Until then, I would like to show a few items I have been eyeballing for a while. When it comes to shopping, I do not have tons to blow on clothing and haven't always even had any extra, but I must learn that every once in a while buying something for yourself is good.
It is hard at my company I am always feeling very inadequate about my clothing. I have tried very hard to put myself together more.
The ladies in my office are so fashionable and cute and wear heels essentially every. day.
I want to be like that, but cannot necessarily afford the wardrobes they have, so instead I  pin my little heart out with inspiration to use on my closet. Take a look at some things recently I would love to try and put together.  

.Modern elegance
I am loving chevron stripes, bolds ,statement necklaces.
pink and navyPinned Image
Midi Dress / ASOS

I love this dress, very classic

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!!

hasta mañana!!



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