Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It Is TIME...

OK, so I do realize that with the title of my blog including the fact that I have Diabetes I guess I will
explain my type 1 Diabetes story.
It all started around 2007-2008 I was gradually loosing weight and while at first I was enjoying it, I remember hitting a point of no return. I was close to a size 1-2 (normally 4-6) and now weighed around 115-25 it was awful. I felt I was withering away. I can remember one night I came home and ate chicken noodle soup and about an hour later I COULD NOT stop throwing up. That entire night everything I put in my mouth including ice it was coming back up.Cesar was getting no sleep through the night at all and I felt bad that I was unable to control the retching sounds coming from my mouth. At around 4-5 am I decided it was time to call on my momma and let her know that I needed to go to care now, but wait they didn't open until 8 am...So Cesar carried me to the car,carried me into the ER and then carried me to the bathroom while I proceeded to lurch again and again.
I was in agony! When they got me back to the room I was already passing out with every lurch. Again, I am sorry for the details but it's honest. They forced me to pee in a cup which was like finding water in a drought. Did blood work and then started me on IV fluids ( it took 4-5 bags to get me re-hydrated) I remember my mom and Cesar sitting at the foot of my bed talking and i was finally able after the meds kicked in to sleep. After being released with a stomach bug and sent home to sleep for roughly 3 days that's what I did. Momma was coming to our house with all my favorite candies and powerade. Eventually I recovered and continued to miss work, school because I over-slept, was sick, or just feeling general malaise. This continued on for roughly 3-5 months. Then one night I had started my shift at work and had to go home sick yet again, this time I called my mom and told her I need to go to Care Now again. we get there and it was yet another stomach bug but they recommended getting myself into my primary care physician.Done. Scheduled. Go in they take nearly 11-12 vials of blood testing for EVERYTHING, Then she proceeds to let me know some of the symptoms were linked to Leukemia and AIDS?!?!?!? I'm sorry say whaaaa....???
Fast forward to two weeks later when they get my "results back" Cesar and my mom have now come along for my moral support because I am afraid of  DYING of something you would have never even considered. Then my Dr. comes in and starts asking me questions like are you going to the bathroom more frequently? Are you drinking more water? Feeling super tired? YES,YES,YES. She then shows me my blood sugar was 350 fasting (not eating) at 7:30 am the time of my blood draw. SO OK NOW I HAVE THE DIABETUS :) My mom and I were extremely optimistic. LOL even Dr.B made a comment like; "Wow you are the happiest Diabetic I have diagnosed to date". In which I advised her, HELLO?? You were leading me to think I might have  Leukemia or even worse possibly AIDS. They then refer me to an Endocrinologist in Fort Worth, two weeks later I was to see them but advised for the time I should buy a monitor and check my blood sugars to keep track.
So I head home and do my first HORRIBLE (the exaggeration) finger prick, still not realizing what I had to look forward to for THE REST OF MY LIFE. UHHHG. I had read my numbers and think hmm,well that's not normal... Cesar demands that I tell him... it was somewhere above 600 I think. OK, so I call mom, she calls my primary care doc and they send me immediately to the endocrinologist. I drive my mom and I (lol bad mistake). They essentially let me know my pancreas was no longer working and it had shut down.   Queue Water-works. I was not allowed to work for days and couldn't leave the office without administering a shot into my poor belly :)
That was 5 years ago and I am pretty darn healthy. If this had not been a super long post I would have gone into more discussion. But we have other times for that.     
If you made it through that sob story, Thanks! Always!


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